Diagnostic & Engine Repair

Imagine for a minute that you are cruising along a beautiful stretch of Florida highway, the radio is on to your favorite station and all seems right with the world. You start a gentle ascent on an offramp when you are jolted back to reality as your truck is losing power. You find yourself in a less-than-ideal scenario as you try to edge onto the shoulder of the road that was never meant to hold a big rig.

Every experienced truck driver has, no doubt, had a scenario in real life that could ruin a great day. After all, there are so many components to semis that something always seems to be going wrong.

Truck Diagnostic Services & Engine Repair

Before you encounter your next problem, bring your truck for a checkup by the friendly staff at Dick Williams Inc. Heavy Duty Truck Parts and Service. We offer a variety of diagnostic and engine repair services including:

3 Reasons to Choose Dick Williams Inc. for Brake Services

1. Experience: You can count on Dick Williams Inc.’s experienced team to keep your rig running smoothly. They also offer DOT inspections allowing you to operate legally in Florida and beyond.

2. Location: We operate a full-service truck repair and part sales center, located conveniently near Daniels and 41 in Fort Myers. Regional fleets and O/Os depend on us for all types of brake services.

3. Parts: A truck is only as strong as its weakest part. Dick Williams Inc. supplies the best truck parts available.

Experience the Best with Dick Williams Inc.

While any driver can experience battery, engine, starter, alternator and air conditioning problems, they are never as inconvenient as when they happen in a big rig that you depend on for your living. Therefore, you can trust the experts at Dick Williams Inc. to provide you with friendly professional routine maintenance just like you trust them when something goes wrong. Part of the success of Dick Williams Heavy Duty Truck Parts & Service is only using top quality parts from names you have grown to trust.

Contact us today with your questions, or request an appointment with our diagnostic and engine repair specialists.

Dick Williams Inc. proudly supplies batteries, engine, starters and alternators from: