Clutch Installation & Repair

Stop and think about the number of times that you push on your semi’s clutch each day. Did you know that when you do, you wear away a tiny part of the clutch and its surrounding parts? Therefore, you need to replace this part on your big rig on a regular basis. The wear and tear of pulling loads along with the hot Florida temperatures mean that you may need to replace your clutch very soon. We provide complete clutch installation and repair services for heavy duty truck fleets and O/Os in Southwest Florida. Request a service appointment today or contact us to learn more.

Full-Service Clutch Installation & Repair Services

The way that you drive, the conditions that you drive in and many other variables makes a difference in how often you will have to replace your clutch. While automobile clutches need to be replaced at least every 100,000 miles, many semi clutches will last much longer. One thing is for certain, however, there will come a time when you need to replace the clutch. If that is your case right now, then trust the experts at Dick Williams Inc. Heavy Duty Truck Parts & Service. We offer owner/operators and fleet truck operators the best in clutch replacement and repair including:

We carry a complete line clutch components from all the leading manufacturers.

3 Reasons to Choose Dick Williams Inc. for Clutch Installation & Repair

1. Experience: Count on Dick Williams Inc.’s experienced teams to recommend the best clutch solutions to meet your needs.

2. Location: We operate a full-service truck repair and part sales center, located conveniently near Daniels and 41 in Fort Myers. Regional fleets and O/Os depend on us for all types of brake services.

3. Parts: A truck is only as strong as its weakest part. Dick Williams Inc. supplies the best truck parts available.

Experience the Best with Dick Williams Inc.

If you pull into some big rig mechanics and ask them to repair the clutch, then they instantly try to sell you a new one. We are not that way. If we feel that your current clutch can be rebuilt safely and cost effectively, then that is what we will recommend after discussing the pros and cons with you. If we agree that a new clutch is needed, then we carry only top quality parts from suppliers including:

Contact us today to set up an appointment with our clutch specialists, or request service online: