Brakes & Suspension

A car traveling at 40 miles per hour may take 316 feet to stop after the driver perceives the need, a semi may take up to 525 feet when traveling at the same speed. As a professional driver, you may perceive the need faster than the average driver. If your brakes are not working properly, however, you may still find yourself in a costly wreck.

While speed, weight, and weather all play important parts in your stopping distances, there is no replacement for having quality brakes on your semi. After all, you may be driving through blinding snow in the morning and a tropical downpour in the afternoon.

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Full-Service Truck Brake Repair & Trailer Brake Repair

When it is time to change the brakes on your truck or just have them repaired, then trust the reliable service and quality parts found at Dick Williams Inc. Heavy Duty Truck Parts & Service. We offer owner/operators and fleet truck operators the best in brakes and suspension replacement and service including:

3 Reasons to Choose Dick Williams Inc. for Brake Services

1. Experience: Before you hit your next highway or dreaded stop-and-go traffic, count on the experienced team at Dick Williams Inc. to keep you moving safely.

2. Location: We operate a full-service truck repair and part sales center, located conveniently near Daniels and 41 in Fort Myers. Regional fleets and O/Os depend on us for all types of brake services.

3. Parts: A truck is only as strong as its weakest part. Dick Williams Inc. supplies the best truck parts available.

Experience the Best with Dick Williams Inc.

Brake and suspension problems on any vehicle can lead to uncomfortable rides and deadly crashes. As a professional driver, however, you know that these problems can lead to you losing your license and your livelihood. Choosing the best mechanic can be hard when you have brake and suspension issues. Rest assured that you can trust the experts at Dick Williams Inc. to treat you right the first time with reliable service and quality parts.

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Dick William Inc. proudly supplies brake and suspension parts from the best providers including: